Passive Income with 5% WSI Rewards

A safe reward token from a known Team.Simply hold We.Send.It Inu and get your rewards hourly.

Hold We.Send.It Inu and get rewarded with awesome 5% WSI rewards.

A well-connected team came together with a unique idea. Support successful projects and reward your own community. A win-win situation for everyone.

Especially interesting for people who have missed an early entry into a large project. No problem. Just get rewards from us.

Simply put in the TradingVolume, for example 1000000 and the token amount you want to like for example 200000

Click calculate, and you will see how many WSI Rewards in $ you would earn on a daily basis.

Powerful tokenomics for a powerful team!

Here you will find all important information about our tokenomics such as the tax and limits.

Total Supply



Max Wallet: 1% Max TX: 1%

Marketing & Dev

3% Marketing + 1% Dev